Get Out And Vote!

Sick Of Politics?


I am sure there is one thing all Americans can come together and unite on and that is for the 2016 Presidential election to end. My guess is there is not one citizen who isn’t ready for the mudslinging, lying, and outrageous scandals to come to a halt. The only downfall to this ending is that we will have a new President that nobody really wants. This particular election seems to be more about voting for who will mess up the country the least rather than who we want the most.


There are three presidential debates leading up to the November 2nd election. The final and third debate will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the UNLV campus on October 19, 2016. Chris Wallace from Fox News will be the moderator.


Since the final debate is in Nevada, this could have a profound effect on the outcome of Nevada voters. Nevada has 6 electoral votes to contribute to the outcome of the President. Depending how the debate goes, this could be a big win for one candidate over another. Anyone who is on the fence will most likely make their finally decision on October 19th after the debate is over.


Nevada has 1.1 percent of the 538 electoral votes, which may not seem like a lot. Some of the interesting statistics show that Nevada cast the winning votes 89% of the time, meaning if 6 republican votes come out of Nevada, Trump will win. Between the years of 1900 and 2000 Nevada residents supported the Democratic candidate slightly more than the Republican. At this point the party affiliation is equal. Statistically speaking who ever wins Nevada will be the President ofunlv the United States.


Regardless of who wins the election, the debate will be a win for the City of Las Vegas and UNLV. The debate is estimated to be watched more than any other presidential debate which is great publicity for Las Vegas and UNLV. Las Vegas and UNLV have put over $4 million into costs of the debate.
Nevada could potentially play a huge role in the election so make sure you get out there and vote!