Why Las Vegas is the Perfect Place for the Raiders

Dave – “Car Detailing Las Vegas”  says,

It is no secret for those that have been following the NFL, that the Oakland Raiders have been unhappy with their current relationship to their city. With Oakland unwilling to build a new stadium, the Raiders ownership has been looking to make a change for a while. When you consider the amazing stadiums that exist in the NFL and the amount of money the league brings in, it is pretty easy to understand why the Raiders are unsatisfied. They are still sharing a stadium with the Oakland Athletics, which means that when the raiders play a home game you might a great catch where second base should be. Playing on a field that is partially dirt is not ideal, and the Raiders are looking to make a change.

Nevada has recently approved plans to build a stadium for the Raiders, but the final decision will still rest with the NFL owners. Many owners have expressed reservations about moving a team to Las Vegas. With the city being transient and not known for supporting a major sports franchise, it may take some serious convincing to get these owners to sign off on the Las Vegas Raiders. That is why it is important for the Raiders and the city of Las Vegas to push some of the outs of the box thinking that shows why this move needs to happen. Las Vegas is actually a perfect place for the NFL, and it is provable!

For starters, Las Vegas can raise money like no other city on earth. Due to the nature of the Casinos and hotels, most people that travel to Vegas are willing to accept the financial impact. No one goes to Vegas to be stingy, and that means that the hotels can tax rooms in a way that no other city can. The Raiders will be putting up far less money to build a stadium in Vegas than they would in any other city. That is a big deal and the NFL would be wise to consider it in their final decision.

Another huge factor for Las Vegas is that it would quickly become the best destination for football fans from L.A. and other areas close to Nevada to make a vacation weekend that includes football. If you had been hoping to go to Vegas for vacation and you see that your favorite team has an away game in Vegas this season, many people will choose to make a great weekend of gambling and football happen.

Finally, Vegas is a gigantic entertainment hub. The NFL is a sports league, but it is also an entertainment industry. The NFL would greatly benefit from the entertainment environment in Vegas. So many stars with regularly scheduled shows on the strip, there are entertainment partners for the NFL right in their own backyard if they move to Vegas.

So, there you have it NFL owners. Let the Raiders move to Vegas. That way when your team loses to the Raiders, you can say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”